Saturday, August 02, 2008

Metal Mouth Cutie!

Jessi has been counting down the days until She got these:

But after the first night she wished she could take them off. She's had a bit of pain and it's been a little (alot)hard to eat things.... She's had a lot of liquids, which she's getting sick of. Only 24 months and counting..:)


StraightAs said...

Wow, Jessi! How cool! How does that work with the metal allergy? We'll have to bring you some ice cream when we come to visit!

Josh L. said...

Jessi Mae!!!

You look like my wife! Sheri got braces yesterday! She is having tons of pain so she understands what you're going through! Good luck Jessi.

Dori said...

Jessi actually has a nickel allergy and braces are made with surgical steele. So there has been no problem. Thank goodness.