Sunday, August 31, 2008

The kids are BACK! 2 days to go!

We had a great little staycation. Bill and I did lots of fun stuff, movies, dinner, temple, hike, clean garage,baseball game and our favorite...eating Tillamook Ice Cream!!

Today is Sunday and I was trying to get Ellie to help me clean up the living room...She said "Why? why should I?" So I was explaining if her friend came over what would you say? "Don't mind trippin' over all the stuff?" Which some how led Jessi and Ellie into making a song out of it....Silly girls... while I kept trying to get them to help me clean up they created this dance in their room ...I grabbed the camera and hid it under a sweatshirt and recorded their performance....O my after this performance they went on to create a few more dances named "You can't make us clean up" and something like " No way are we going to clean up".

So as you can tell in this video it really does need to be cleaned up......How many more days of summer?!!?!!


gmasmith said...

Wow, must be nice to sit back and watch the house stay clean. What a nice summer ending tradition. I am so glad that you 2 got to be together again just like BC (before children).

Jen said...

That's gonna be GREAT blackmail in a few years!