Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Week...which is now over and is not really this week..

We ate Lemon cake.....Why? Because we always eat Lemon cake on September 10th...Bill's Birthday!

this week I couldn't resist this place mat for Macy...because she is our
"Macy Monkey"

What's in the bowl you ask? Tomato soup noodles..or in other words homemade spaghetti O's! (It was friday night and Bill was working late) It was either that or Popcorn for dinner...what would you have choosen?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Where did everybody go?

Well Macy...

Jessi & Ellie got up early and waited for the bus

And Ty waits here a little later

Then Sophie gets ready and waits here half way through the day:

and the wheels on the bus go round and round...

Leaving just Mom and Macy!
Happy First week of School!

One Last day!

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind....but I wanted to finish my count down... I know it's a little late but don't get all riled up about it!
So the Last day of summer: Labor day! That's exactly what we did. Labored. We we went to Corvallis (Home of the Beavers!) and helped my grandparents paint their house. The kids mostly talked to Grandpa & Grandma and played with their toys. Bill helped my dad on the sprayer and I helped touch up paint. They had picked a great color for the house....

After we were done at grandma's there was one question raised...."Can you really visit Corvallis without visiting the Beavers stadium? Well the answer was obvious .....we took off to visit and what did we find? We were so lucky to watch the last few minutes of practice! and then we found an open gate!