Thursday, January 25, 2007

Check out Sophie's new style! Sophie loves haircuts so she sits so good infact she wanted me to cut more!!

We are currently staying with our cousins and it can be crazy at times with 7 kids in the house but sometimes it's just waaaaay fun!!! One afternoon Ellie was "training" the boys to be super powerrangers ....including outfitting them with there super powerranger outifits!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Macy did not like the snow. When she touched it with her hand she would immediately pull back her hand and make a really funny face!

We are enjoying staying at Keros and Amber's house. Our search for a house is getting closer! More details when we have them!

Bill has told me for a long time that I should do this ( I thought he was a little crazy!) But I have enjoyed my friends blogs so much I just had to do it too! So this is your Welcome to the new Dori and family Blog!
Our family has really enjoyed the snow this week! No School and no work! We could get use to that!