Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 things I've done since I've last blogged....

1. Finished Teaching Seminary...sigh
2. We went to the Zoo!
3. We have spent every Tuesday and Thursday at Ty and Ellie's Baseball and Softball games! So glad we are done!
4. I got a new calling at church...I"m the new Nursery leader! Hopefully I can handle the 2 year olds!
5. We got a Dog! Crazy! She's a Puggle, She's two year old.
6. Sophie had a Bubbles and Balloons Birthday party. and Turned 5! Wow!
7. Macy turned 2 (Her and the dog have a lot in common! Always getting into everything!)

8. Trying get my housework caught up after having other priorities for 9 months.
9. I'm trying to stay sane with all the kids home for the summer!
10. Went crazy atleast once a day since the kids have been home from school.... but alittle alone time and chocolate chips fixes that right Up!