Friday, September 14, 2007

Gotta love the snort!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

School, Seminary, Sophie....

Somehow we got everyone ready for the start of school....just barely...luckily I had the camera in the van already or I would have not gotten pictures of Ellie and Ty on there first day...poor Jessi she wasn't so lucky...I totally forgot on the first day and then forgot to take the fake first day of school picture on the second day (That has happen a couple years).

So now It's week 2 of school and some how we are surviving.....Especially since seminary started yesterday. It's only been 2 mornings but it's seemed like 2 weeks! But it's going as any class would. Morning at home for Bill and the kids is going alright I think , we are expecting that it will take a week or two to really get into a good morning routine.

I am really loving all the studying it takes for my seminary class. I am lucky that this week is not super busy so that I have the time to study and figure out what I'm doing. This morning I tried to explain to Sophie about seminary:

Sophie :"Mom lets play hide & seek"
Mom: I'm going to read my lesson and then we can play
Sophie "NO, right now"
Mom (I realize she doesn't have a clue what a lesson is): "Sophie before you wake up mom goes to the church and teaches a class full of big kids about the sciptures, So I need to read them so I know what to teach"
Sophie: "Are the kids big like Jessi?"
Mom:" Bigger, they go to High School"
Sophie: "Oh, They're in High School Musical 2!?"