Monday, March 26, 2007

We Moved!

The kids are actually excited to help clean our new house we were washing windows this morning when Macy decided to help! We now have to paint the window sills and trim the windows and put on the baseboards.

Boxes, boxes, boxes! Everywhere! We finished all the painting that HAD to be done before the carpet went in and still have a little more to do but moving day still came! It seems really wierd to be in our house. I just can't help myself from spending money on it! New rug, new lamp shade, new shelves, decorations for everyroom..... it's just not like me....but I like it!
I painted the little girls room a very light pink but haven't decided what else to do with it. I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What have we got ourselves into!!!!

Of course Paint gets everywhere I stepped right on the paint can lid! This Jessi and Ellie's room it turned out really bright but cute! This is Ty's room... I love the color

Monday night we started the big project of getting our house ready to move into.....What were we thinking we have until Friday to have the ENTIRE house painted, trim painted and replaced, new light fixture and clean! Monday we ripped wallpaper off the 2 walls that had it. We ripped out the carpet and torn out trim. Tuesday we painted ALL the ceilings Wednesday we finished preping all the floors for new carpet painted all the kids rooms and well Wednesday's not over yet Bill is still at the house and I think he's painting our room....So We made the decision that are main priority now is to finish all the painting, Carpet will be installed on Friday and we will move in on Saturday. And then like everyone else continue to work on our house every free minute!

Anyone want to come paint? :)

Jessi back to school!

Jessi went back to school after a hard week last week. She is acting pretty normal almost like nothing happened. Last week sure made her tougher I think. She had side effects each day including a spinal headache which we took her back to the ER on Thursday afternoon to fix. With another shot in the back of her own blood to clot the hole that continue to leak that gave her a horrible headache, but within 5 minutes she was good to go!! She went to visit her class on Friday for about an hour and then went back on Tuesday after a no school day Monday. We still don't know what caused her seizure. An EEG and MRI are schedule next week and will tell if there's something serious but we may just never know and it may never happen again.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers our family really appreciates it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


At about 2 o'clock on Monday afternoon Jessi had a seizure in her class at school. The school called 911 and paramedics came right before I got there. She seized for about 3 minutes. She was in a very drowsy state when I got there but recognized me. She rode in the ambulance to the hospital and was treated in the ER. While in the ER they did a CT scan and a spinal tap to rule out major things that could have caused her seizure. They couldn't find anything immediately wrong with her and she was released about 6 o'clock.

The event seems like a big crazy dream. I couldn't believe when I got the phone call I thought "you must have the wrong mom Jessi is perfect!" Everyone has been so great. Her Valiant leader and good friend brought a big teddy bear which caused the first smile of the day today. Jessi was not doing well this morning she has a headache that wouldn't go away, massive muscle pain from the seizure and naseau. We took her to her Doctor this morning who continued to try to figure out why she had the seizure. We have been keeping the tylenol and motrin down her and it has really helped. She was able to get a good long nap this afternoon.

Again friends have been so great and helping her feel better. Ellie brought home a big card with poems from each person in her class and a gift from a friend in class! She loved it all and it really helped her spirit. She had been a little down about how bad she was feeling. I think it must be hard for our Jessi who has never been really sick to understand about all the pain.

We are glad to see that she has been able to keep food down all afternoon and the medicine has been keeping her headache and muscle pain to a minimum and she has been able to walk around.

We will be keeping a close eye on her the rest of this week and will be scheduling a MRI and EEG in the following two weeks to see if they can pinpoint a cause.

Thank you everyone for keeping Jessi in your prayers and all the well wishes and phone calls I have been making sure she knows when anyone has called about her....She really feels loved!!
Thank you again everyone!