Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jessi back to school!

Jessi went back to school after a hard week last week. She is acting pretty normal almost like nothing happened. Last week sure made her tougher I think. She had side effects each day including a spinal headache which we took her back to the ER on Thursday afternoon to fix. With another shot in the back of her own blood to clot the hole that continue to leak that gave her a horrible headache, but within 5 minutes she was good to go!! She went to visit her class on Friday for about an hour and then went back on Tuesday after a no school day Monday. We still don't know what caused her seizure. An EEG and MRI are schedule next week and will tell if there's something serious but we may just never know and it may never happen again.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers our family really appreciates it!

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NASA said...

Hopefully it won't happen again! How scary. Aaron has a little sister this happened to...she only had one though. Tell Jessi we love her!