Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What have we got ourselves into!!!!

Of course Paint gets everywhere I stepped right on the paint can lid! This Jessi and Ellie's room it turned out really bright but cute! This is Ty's room... I love the color

Monday night we started the big project of getting our house ready to move into.....What were we thinking we have until Friday to have the ENTIRE house painted, trim painted and replaced, new light fixture and clean! Monday we ripped wallpaper off the 2 walls that had it. We ripped out the carpet and torn out trim. Tuesday we painted ALL the ceilings Wednesday we finished preping all the floors for new carpet painted all the kids rooms and well Wednesday's not over yet Bill is still at the house and I think he's painting our room....So We made the decision that are main priority now is to finish all the painting, Carpet will be installed on Friday and we will move in on Saturday. And then like everyone else continue to work on our house every free minute!

Anyone want to come paint? :)


jen said...

I am so excited for you! I have a few rooms I need painted myself, I just can't seem to find a second to do it! Are you painting the little girls room?

NASA said...

How fun Dori! I wish that we had tore out all the wall paper in our house BEFORE we moved in...once you have the furniture in, it just never seems to get done!

Peter and Pricilla said...

The house looks great Dori. I can relate to how much work it is to paint everything all at once. We also did that. Crazy. Here's to hoping that you get all your move in projects done much faster than we have.