Tuesday, March 13, 2007


At about 2 o'clock on Monday afternoon Jessi had a seizure in her class at school. The school called 911 and paramedics came right before I got there. She seized for about 3 minutes. She was in a very drowsy state when I got there but recognized me. She rode in the ambulance to the hospital and was treated in the ER. While in the ER they did a CT scan and a spinal tap to rule out major things that could have caused her seizure. They couldn't find anything immediately wrong with her and she was released about 6 o'clock.

The event seems like a big crazy dream. I couldn't believe when I got the phone call I thought "you must have the wrong mom Jessi is perfect!" Everyone has been so great. Her Valiant leader and good friend brought a big teddy bear which caused the first smile of the day today. Jessi was not doing well this morning she has a headache that wouldn't go away, massive muscle pain from the seizure and naseau. We took her to her Doctor this morning who continued to try to figure out why she had the seizure. We have been keeping the tylenol and motrin down her and it has really helped. She was able to get a good long nap this afternoon.

Again friends have been so great and helping her feel better. Ellie brought home a big card with poems from each person in her class and a gift from a friend in class! She loved it all and it really helped her spirit. She had been a little down about how bad she was feeling. I think it must be hard for our Jessi who has never been really sick to understand about all the pain.

We are glad to see that she has been able to keep food down all afternoon and the medicine has been keeping her headache and muscle pain to a minimum and she has been able to walk around.

We will be keeping a close eye on her the rest of this week and will be scheduling a MRI and EEG in the following two weeks to see if they can pinpoint a cause.

Thank you everyone for keeping Jessi in your prayers and all the well wishes and phone calls I have been making sure she knows when anyone has called about her....She really feels loved!!
Thank you again everyone!


jen said...

Your family is in our prayers! Give Jessi a hug!

NASA said...

Oh Dori! I am so sad and sorry for your guys. How scary this must be. I hope and pray all will be well with you guys. Do you need anything...a meal...or dessert...or anything?? Call me please!!

Meredith said...

how scary! as if life isn't hard enough when you're almost 12. hopefully this is just a one time thing...and we're glad to hear that jessi is so tough and handling everything with such poise. as always, let us know if we can help in anyway...maybe we could watch the kids and just the three of you can go spend some time together?