Thursday, April 26, 2007

It was SUNNY!

It was actually sunny one day last week. So just Macy, Sophie & Mommy went to Grandma Taylor's house in Salem. We got to play on her new is only 3 houses from her house. It is a great park and it was really good to get away from my house that is a never ending house of projects!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I found this yellow egg in a shoe... I love it.. it makes noise when I shake it and everyone claps when I show it to them..I'm not letting go of it I don't care how many more there are! I just love this egg it really make the best noise.....
Oops, I stepped on it. O my I love those little things inside. Dad! What are you doing?! those are my little yummy things! Oh well I got my egg back ....I'm really not letting go of it now...I wonder how I can get another one of those yummy things? I just love this egg! I'm never letting go! O but I love these little things inside too!


Jessi's 12 & Swell!

We celebrated Jessi's Twelveth Birthday on Saturday with cousins Leah & Reese (and of course Uncle Heber & Aunt Toni). We had Chicken Lo Mein for Dinner...a Jessi favorite and then Jessi's choice of White sprinkle cake with White frosting...of course decorated with Bunnies because of Jessi's favorite pet bunny but also because being the day befor Easter it is so easy to find bunny decorations!:)

Jessi's favorite gift was her new 1.8 gallon fish aquarium that her super cool parents got her! and she loves her two new littlest pet shop kitties (I'm just glad she not to big to play with toys I would feel too old then).

We are so excited for Jessi to be 12! She's now going to be going to the Young Women's program at church and also will be able to go to Girls camp this summer!!! She is soooo excited for that! Why do we love Jessi so much? Because she is so silly but so good! She is such a good babysitter and takes really good care of her Baby sister Macy! I love that Jessi loves to read and that when she wants to she is really good at cleaning her room!

We love you Jessi!! Happy Birthday!

(Did you notice the Sunroom behind her is orange. I just painted it this week and love it!)

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Moving Fun...

So it seems like everything we have tried to hookup...dishwasher, Frig, Washing Machine and now computer has had fun issues to work out just to use them. So my computer was hookup for maybe 2 days and then we had issues hooking up Bill's computer which is now the main computer with the wireless rotator to mine....and of course my computer was down while his ones..which of course it's still not fix and we just hookup mine where his is suppose to be. Did that make any sense at all?? I don't know it's just really frustrating.

I spent the weekend listening to conference of course! and on Saturday shopping with my sister-in-law and mother- in-law spending more money on the house! I think I'm done...until payday:)! So this is what I did to my living above of course.
There's going to be 3 candles on that black plater but I couldn't decide on the right ones. I just love the flower pillow so I have to do a close up of that...I thought it was half price..oops it wasn't good thing I didn't know that until I totally loved it and it was rung up and in the bag..o well...
Well I don't know if the room looks as good in the picture...There's also flowers on the armoire and more little details...I just really like it .
So this week the kids start at there new schools. They are nervous, I told them it was the law everyone has to be nervous when you start a new school! I'm actually really nervous for them, new school, teacher, kids, bus..Bus! Jessi will be riding the Jr High bus how good can that be! I remember the junior high bus.... I learned a lot from that 30 minute bus ride.. that I probably didn't need to know. Speaking of Jessi she is doing just fine. She had a MRI and a EEG on Thursday and we will know if they show anything in the next week probably.
Other than unpacking and cleaning the house Life has gone back to how it always is...crazy!