Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I found this yellow egg in a shoe... I love it.. it makes noise when I shake it and everyone claps when I show it to them..I'm not letting go of it I don't care how many more there are! I just love this egg it really make the best noise.....
Oops, I stepped on it. O my I love those little things inside. Dad! What are you doing?! those are my little yummy things! Oh well I got my egg back ....I'm really not letting go of it now...I wonder how I can get another one of those yummy things? I just love this egg! I'm never letting go! O but I love these little things inside too!



Meredith said...

dori...have i told you lately that you are too funny? because you are really too funny.

Peter and Pricilla said...

Dori, how is your new ward/schools? Hope everything is settling for you guys.