Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Week...which is now over and is not really this week..

We ate Lemon cake.....Why? Because we always eat Lemon cake on September 10th...Bill's Birthday!

this week I couldn't resist this place mat for Macy...because she is our
"Macy Monkey"

What's in the bowl you ask? Tomato soup noodles..or in other words homemade spaghetti O's! (It was friday night and Bill was working late) It was either that or Popcorn for dinner...what would you have choosen?


sarah said...

I love this post! You guys sound good and happy :)

StraightAs said...

What a fun week! we miss you guys!

Frank and Annie said...

I personally would have chosen Cocoa and toast...a Taylor favorite. We always thought it was so cool and a treat...Wow!