Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monday!!! Day #7

If we did nothing else all summer but the activity we did yesterday we could call it good. We packed up and were on the road to a town about 40 minutes away to visit my Grandma and the kids Great Grandma. She now lives in a semi assisted living community and the kids had not seen her since she moved. It was a great visit with Grandma. We picked her up and went to the park and ate our lunch and let the kids play.... I got to sit next to my grandma and visit with her on a park bench. What a perfect moment. I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

At one point while we were cleaning up our lunch I was reminded of a memory of my grandma that I shared with my kids. Do you mind if I tell you?

My mom always made homemade ketchup. I detested it. It was like putting tomato sauce on your fries. I was a kid and now knowing how kids can be itprobably wasn't so bad. I guess I made a big deal about how I didn't like it because my grandma knew of my dislike. While at a Christmas party at my Grandparents house my grandma told me she had a special present for me in the fridge and what I found was the perfect gift ever... a brown bag full of the restuarant style ketchup packets! She had been saving them for me every time she went out to eat. Which now that I think about it wasn't alot because they lived at least 20 minutes from town. For months I hoared those packets in our refrigerator as "My Ketchup" .

Soon we will visit my other set of grandparents. How I wish we were closer...but is that really an excuse for such long periods of time between visits?

Jessi, Ellie , Ty with Grandma in her amazing yard before she moved. (Did you know Jessi is named after her?)

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gmasmith said...

What great memories you are making. Your kids will always remember the fun you had.(Wish I had done more)