Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday--Day #5

We live in a great semi-small town where there are always great activities going on around us and as hopeless as this sounds we never take advantage of it. In fact it's ridiculous there are so many things....Concerts in the park, Saturday market, 3 on 3 Basketball tournament, lots of farm activities, the county fair. but we are always busy doing something...Like yard work or family events (out of town) . SO This weekend I put a stop to our madness and we went to the Largest Dahlia Show in the world! (2 minutes from our house) Well and I don't know if it was the biggest in the world but there were tons of tours buses from every retirement community in the NW! :)

The show had indoor arrangements and then you could check out the fields and fields of beautiful rows of blooming Dahlias... Don't know what Dahlias are? Well I'll show you.

There's Big ones:

And small ones:

And ones with funny names:

I told everyone to pick out there favorite things of the show (meaning flowers) but this is what Bill and Ty picked...sillies!

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Pricilla said...

I love reading all of your summer ending adventures. You guys are having so much fun, what a good mommy.