Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday Day #6

Since Sunday is the sabbath I guess we kinda took the day off from having a fun moment...Until I actually got my little girls in bed and had a few extra mintues and thought "I should play a game with my 3 big kids" and since my thought started with I should I jumped on it. It really is my new theme instead of my "I should's" turning into I should've I try to make it happen. So I whipped my big girls in my favorite game ..... Othello.... I'm sorry there's no mercy they need to learn! :) But then I played Ty... since he's 8 I let up a little...I was so wrong to do that because of the few things I let get passed me (on purpose) I couldn't come back....He Killed me!!! It was sad but now I'm glad I have some real competition!!

As a kid we planned tons of board games and I loved to be the best and I've been a little disappointed that my kids don't have the same love of games I do. We'll guess who's fault that is? If I would've actually played with them more then they would love them too. So no longer I'm making Sunday night " Just try to beat mom night"!

What do you want your kids to love?

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