Friday, August 22, 2008


Our fun moment started late in the afternoon. Ty, Sophie & Macy went to our friends house, which Ty loves because they have a wii and boys to play with, They also have 2 girls close to the little girls ages. They had a blast there.

Then I took Jessi & Ellie to Middle school registration (Crazy I have 2 kids in Middle School!) We went and got Ellie on a soccer team....and right next door to the house that we were dropping her registration off at was....Grandpa Leder....funny...he had broken down and needed a jump start. So you could say we had a hero moment :) Then we headed out of town to shop til we dropped. Funny we were all wearing pink shirts and had a great time. We hit Old Navy, Kohl's, Target...and the pet store where Jessi adopted a new pudgy goldfish "Noodles".

So again we were successful and had another fun summer moment...except that we were school clothes shopping and that really means summer is coming to an End.

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sarah said...

I am really enjoying reading about all of the fun things you guys are doing! What a great idea!