Wednesday, July 04, 2007


We just love the fourth of July it's one day when we don't hold back and have as much fun as we can. Last night Bill took the big kids....Jessi, Ellie & Ty to the Rodeo and today we went to the St. Paul Parade and Carnival!!! Here are just a few of our pictures!

Ty surprised us this year by wanting to go on the "big kid" rides...It just broke my heart and his when the first one that he tried to go on he was too short for! So we settled for "The Spider"! He loved it! Go TY!!!Our last stop of the day was to check out the bulls!! Gotta love the Rodeo animals!

Macy says it's Time to go home...she was probably more full than tired ...she ate...elephant ear, snocone, Teriayki chicken, noodles, dippin dots....anything she could beg off of us!


Pricilla said...

That looks like so much fun. You guys really go all out.

NASA said...

How fun! It's neat to hear about everyone's different traditions for the 4th!

Meredith said...

man, canby sure looks like the place to be these days! you really make having 5 kids look fun AND easy! we miss you here!