Sunday, June 24, 2007


Our house has been a little Beaver Nation the last few weeks with the Beavers baseball team at the World College Championships in Omaha.......Of course we were all excited but missed Dad at the Dinner table when the game was to just to good to be @ dinner :) But it all ended this afternoon....they won every single game through the championships. The Beavers baseball team seemed to be unstoppable, they played amazing baseball....Plays that are sure to go down in history..... no really! I know you never would have thought as me as a fan but who couldn't be after watching games like that! Now aren't you sad you missed them ?! Another great thing is it seems that we moved to Beaver town, it's great Canby is just filled with Beaver Ty's baseball games last week all the dads on the bleachers could talk about is how they were sacrificing watching the Beaver game to watch little league!

This was so cool...He first got the guy out at 2nd jumped to not get slammed into while throwing it to first which resulted in an out at first!

Anway...It's great to have the games over and the Beavers to be Champs!! GO BEAVS!


Memory said...

That's an amazing picture of that guy throwing the ball. What style. What grace. :-) Just wanted to say that I really love the new picture of the five kids. They are too cute!

Dori said...

Hey Memory...You inspired me! I saw the picture of you and decided I had to do something different so I started playing around on my blog (when I should really be doing dishes!!) Are you staying on top of things? and staying healthy?

Meredith said...

i guess life with 5 kids=busy. but you make it look fun!

Bill said...

This is the best post you've ever made! We LOVE the Beavers!!! Go Beavs!!! National Champions!!!