Monday, July 23, 2007


Why do we go to a place with no running water, stinky outhouses, no cell service, lots of bugs, rain.....because it's a tradition...our favorite in fact..... ELK LAKE! Why is it our favorite you ask? Here are just a few reasons!

The Lake!

.The Trees!
The blueberries for my Pancake!

"Grandpa Camp"
.........The Hammock!

Homemade Ice cream & Root beer!

... Bill taking his turn cranking the Ice cream
.....Toni making the root beer...yes we had Root beer floats!

Hiking! Really only 2miles this year!

This year everyone packed a sack lunch and hiked to the end of the Lake...This is where all the logs stack up and is really fun to play on....But then it started...rain...and didn't stop for what seemed like days!...yes it dared to RAIN on our camp trip!

So Even with all the rain we had a great time... we just broke out the rain gear...

Uncle Von ready to go swimming...

Ty and Sophie trying to stay dry by the fire!

This year we had a few bonus events.....

1.We finally took care of Von's "camping hair!

2.Who's that special guy in the red shirt?I don't know but he swam out and got the island for us?
3.Leder's preformed @ skit night!

4. Von almost needing to be taken out by lifeflight after a Rock climbing incident....Remember a helmet... (Tana was sick of waiting for him to give her a "rock"and so she threw one at him instead! ;)

5. We had LOTS of time just sitting by the fire...does Jessi, Leah,Ellie look excited or what!

6. Dori & Bill took a decent camping picture! (a miracle)

We are so glad we had almost all our family was there!

Frank,Annie & Micki drove from UT .

Von& Tana(Vontana their celebrity name)Came from D.C!

Wygants barely made it from Eugene and again we like to say the LEDERS Beat them!!!! (if only by 10 minutes!)



We just hope next year more than just the rain gets to play on "the island"!

Until next year!


jen said...

SO FUN! Those pictures really make me miss pretty! I do think you are amazing - camping like that!

Dori said...

actually crazy....I should have taken a picture of the outhouse because that's where I spent 3/4 of my day between my own needs and then having to escort Sophie each time...which seemed like more than normal...and then she would sit there and sing and not even go...mother duty..oh fun.

Live Love Laugh - Leder said...

Looks like a lot of fun, where is the close up of the cute Tana?
I think Grandpa camp sounds fun!
Our family needs one of those!

Pricilla said...

Looks like fun. You guys are having such a great summer!