Monday, July 09, 2007

BEACH or Bust!

We spent 2 nights at the Beach this weekend with Bill's family. It was so fun! We rented a beach house on the bay. The real reason for going was so that his brother Josh could propose to Sheri! It was so cool...I will tell the story later when I get a picture of them on the beach.

Here they are coming home from the beach the newly engaged couple....I know the reflection off her ring makes it really hard to see them...Hee hee! :)

Here is a shot of us after Josh proposed to Sheri..Mom is looking at the pics on Angelas camera...Stayed tuned cuz you'll love the story...

This is the pier that you could see from our house....Everyone was crabing off of it

Posing right before going to the beach.... Silly Grandpa you're not wearing a swimsuit!

Abbie, Macy, Atalie, Sophie...What a bunch of cute girls!!

I was trying to get a cute sister picture but I guess this just shows how things really are!

Jessi loves the Beach!!

The kids were so cold after going in the water so Bill buried them in the warm sand....amazing they stopped whining after that....good thing or else their head would have been covered next!

Uncle Bevin& Aunt Angela

Macy took a long nap under a blanket then had sooo much fun in the sand!

Grandpa, Uncle Ethan, Bill, Uncle Josh, Uncle Bevin...talking Business on the Ellie said "they were just got away from them"! See all their white skin....well now it's all RED!

It was so great to get away and be with family and have so much fun. I loved it. We've already talked about doing it again next year...I think that's a great idea! Only thing I would do different was put more Sunscreen on everyone...The first coat of sunscreen only went so we are all Fried! It was still all worth it though!! Thanks everyone!


Pricilla said...

Looks like great fun. It sure seems like you are keeping your goal to have more fun from your birthday entry.

Meredith said...

congrats to your newly engaged brother. now that i am married, i get so mushy when it happens to others...we're still waiting on this amazing story!

jen said...

Patiently awaiting "THE PROPOSAL"...