Sunday, July 22, 2007

Proposal on the Beach!

Due to being in charge of our ward campout and then camping in the deep forest for a week this story has been a little delayed!

It all started on Friday July 6th...Josh took Sheri out for dinner....While they were driving around trying to find some place to eat Bevin & Angela, Bill &I ,& Bill Sr. went down to the beach and buried a bottle with a message in it....for Sheri's eyes only!

Then we all hid out of view of the unsuspecting Sheri...We waited and waited and waited and waited while they hung out on the beach(eating their DQ). When the beach was all clear Josh took Sheri on a innocent walk and just happened to see a bottle partially buried in the sand! :)
After reading the message in the bottle Josh got down on one knee and proposed!!!!

This is the view from the hole...really all 5 of us were in a hole! The guy behind them just showed up as soon as it all took place!!! We were so ticked he is in the pictures!

After giving them a few minutes we rushed them like paporazzi and made them pose for us! It was so exciting! Then from the beach we took pictures on our phones and sent them to all the rest of the siblings! Tiffany, Ethan& Mom back at the beach house, Keros in Denver and even Morgan in Dominican Republic!
They are getting Married on Sept 22!
We are so excited to have Sheri (& her sweet little girls) in our family!!!!!


jen said...

CUTE! Congratulations!

Live Love Laugh - Leder said...

Whoo WHOO!