Thursday, February 12, 2009

Green Hairs & Ham

If there's one thing I learned in 2008 it's always wear a mask while spray painting.....A lesson I didn't learn until after having , White,Red, BLACK ,PINK or Silver Nose hairs. Should I be proud that I've sported all those colors in my nose? This past month when I grabbed some Shelves to spray I realized I would again have Black Nose hairs...But I figured I didn't want to go out with those kind of hairs that night or find those kind of boogers in my kleenex for 3 days...So i found a handy dandy hankerchief in the dress up box and began to spray away. But what do you think the Bus driver thought when she pulled up and dropped of my kids and saw this woman fiddling around in the garage?


Julie Ramsay said...

You're so hilarious! I'm glad you don't have black nose hairs...or do you?

Emily said...

Great idea to wear the "mask"! I love that you are spray painting...especially this cold time of year!:)

Have you heard from Nikki lately? I know she's in UT somewhere...well, last I heard anyways!

Are you on facebook?

Okay enough questions. You're great Dori...mother of 5!!!:)