Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finis & Pink

So At the beginning of the year when New Years Resolutions were the trend I was thinking about mine...Usually I write them in my journal...after looking at the previous years hoping that I've accomplished them...Want to know some of my past ones that I have accomplished? ...Several years it was...Have a baby...nice... so you could say at least I have accomplished 5 of the 55 I've made.
This year Instead of a list I chose a word....Finish..or if I've feeling in a Frenchy mood "Finis". We have so many projects started on our nice fixer upper house that need to be finis that it's overwhelming, discouraging and demoralizing . But NO MORE....I will finish our projects and move on from those feeling and do more important things like......laundry or the yard?

So my last FINISHED project took place Monday...Thanks to Abe & George...No School meant no schedule so we painted..

When we moved into our house I painted the little girls room "PINK?" well that's what the swatch at Home depot called it but it was more like "white with... if you squint it looks pink".


SO Monday WITH the kids help we repainted rearranged and now the little girls room is
"FINIs and PINK"


p.s.I have an idea for a cute wall decoration but that might have to be next year's resolution.

P.S.S. Do you want to see more of my before& after projects?


Jen said...

I TOTALLY want to see more projects! I have the swatch of pink I want to paint my girls room...but I HATE painting...I am jealous yours looks GREAT!

Julie Ramsay said...

Soooo cute! Come and paint my house! I'd love to see more are an inspiration and a good french teacher!

Memory said...

Wow! What an improvement! It looks really great. Keep the before and after projects coming. It's inspiring to see rooms that are "done"!

StraightAs said...

I love before and after pics! WTG, Dori! It looks fabulous!