Monday, February 18, 2008

The Perfect Valentine's dinner?

It is our tradition to have a nice 3 course meal on Valentine's day...including candlelight, a perfectly set table, Mom in a good mood, dessert that Martha Stewart would be proud of...but well...I was tired & completely wornout Valentine's night... So what's a mom to do... I threw on Valentine's fabric for a table cloth (which Sophie thought we should leave on forever) We had everyone's favorite Fettucine Alfredo(easy), our salad was just sliced cucumbers, I did manage to throw together some homemade garlic bread ...luckily one of Bill's clients gave him a homemade loaf of bread:)! and Dessert?....Donut holes leftover from Ellie's school Valentine's party!! Which I didn't eat because I had already eaten 15!:) At first it seemed really disappointing but I think in the end I really did learn a lesson from it....Sometimes we just need to forget our own expectation and do what we can and enjoy it because in the end the kids still thought it was awesome and really the only thing different than every other nights dinner was we had a table cloth! hee hee!

Gotta love the kid sticking food out of her mouth for the nice picture!

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StraightAs said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You're such a great mom!