Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ode to Valentine's day!

10:00am-So I have already eaten a heart shaped cookie, 2 heart shaped brownies, 3 small candy bars and 1/2 of a huge Symphony bar and no breakfast! O it must be Valentine's day! I packed my kids lunches with lots of veggies hoping that will off set the enormous amount of candy they will eat today and forced Ellie to eat breakfast (she never wants to)! I'm such a hypocrite and eat my candy bar instead of breakfast!! ;) Well we of course have Valentine's parties today and Hopefully I will pull it all together and we will have our annual Valentine's candle light dinner!
It also feels so good because tomorrow is Friday!!!! and for me as a Seminary teacher that is HUGE!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Memory said...

Ha! I always love your honesty. I can so relate. I ate my cookie and Evan's and was just hoping against hope that he wouldn't remember he ever had one in the first place. Terrible!