Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow, Sleet & hail...

Well It being MLK day and all I sat pondering about the profoundness of that. I realized we have been though so much....That is our family...Here at the Leder's house we have seen more snow than ever before, played in it, ate it, drove in it, wished it away and then sad because it was gone. We celebrated Christmas & New Years and even a baptism and a New calling. Wow so much has happened since we have last posted. But now we look ahead with great anticipation...Is Summer almost here? some have asked. Well before it does we have a video that(my kids think) might make some of you create a new winter memory....yellow snow.
Stay tuned. Ellie must edit and Mom must upload but before the day is though this MLK will be one to remember.
UPDATE: Due to techno difficulties the video is unavailable...darn my kids really wanted to show the online world what a dufus I could be.:)

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Micki Sue said...

so glad you put a new post on!