Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What have I been doing, done, been, seen....

Geez I noticed on a friends blog roll that I haven't updated in 2 weeks.....It caused me to reflect on what had I been doing and how times goes really fast.

Well I took a day to think about that and what I should post about. But as I reflected I thought about a talk I heard once about making sure that we are doing the important things...you know the really important things...
.... I know laundry is important...to quote my sister "one more day and I'll be naked! " But there actually are more important things...

So I reflected in the past 2 weeks have I done the real important things....The things I've always meant to do everyday.

After reflecting..... this word popped into my head "discipline" It really is the key...I must discipline myself to do those things... those little things, those things I KNOW that I'm suppose to do. Everyday.

So the things that I knew I should be doing I did this morning. Wow. that took so little time but feels so good.

The words I'm done feel so much better than I'll do it tomorrow.

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