Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Operator ... can you reconnect me?

I'm so grateful for my 3 Beautiful sisters and Mother. I had the blessing to reconnect with them this past weekend!

I learned so many things from them and I hope they know how much I love them and how BEAUTIFUL they are!

Who are these great women you ask?.....Well let me introduce you...Oldest to Youngest of course.....

Toni....She's the oldest, wisest, sweetest...best listener you've ever talked to.....How sweet you ask? when she would babysit us she use to always say "Don't worry you can do that ....I'll take the blame". She is now our very own Stamping queen and always provides us with the best,cutest, crafty projects to do. We couldn't have had a better example in an oldest sister.

Tina ....Funny, Serious, Gorgeous, Spiritual. In the dictionary under the word nice is Tina. She had lots of weird boy stalker's in High School because she was nice to everyone...
She's the best muffin maker in America...When I lived downstairs from her at Ricks College I could always count on her to be awake at 1:00am to talk to...what was she doing at 1am? making muffins of course!

you know me...Dori....I'm Daughter number 3...the middle child...that alone explains a lot!

And my little sister.... Micki...The braces make her look 18 but she's really only 3 years younger than me....She's the best.... she will sew anything for anyone...except pleats...Can you believe that I once pulled her hair so hard that she threw my teddy bear (from Bill) out our second story room window.....She is my kid's favorite because she is SUPER AUNT! and she's available..so all you guys in UT that read my blog.....just call me I'll give you her number! (Oh she's going to kill me for that or throw my teddy bear out the window!)

We were so lucky to be raised by........

well we just call her.....MOM...she's was always able to make

us behave and we are so blessed for that...she's super tough and can do anything she decides she wants to...sewing, pruning, mowing,tilling, baking,cleaning,writing thankyou notes,visiting teaching,teaching, and she usually has it all done by 6 am!!

I've decided that my mom's best parenting skill was being able to live the gospel almost perfectly and let us see the joy in living the gospel.
It was nice to go back in time this weekend and share a room again wth all my SISTERS it was truly like the old days....laying in bed talking and being silly, and mom telling us to go to sleep it's late!!!


Live Love Laugh - Leder said...

I am so jealous and happy for you guys at the same time! Cute pics of all the gals. Glad you got some time to catch up.

Lenox Family said...

wow you have a beautiful family. You are totaly awsome and now I see and understand why, lol. I will chat with you later

Pricilla said...

Hey is your sister Tony from Beaverton? I think she was one of my stake girls camp leaders when I was in Young Womans!

Meredith said...

what a great, cute post! i should do one like that.