Thursday, January 14, 2010

Across the Country......What!

Hey Kids...and everyone else....Wednesday Bill and I jumped on a plane and flew across the country to visit my Brother and Sister-in-law, the famous Von&Tana!! We flew over lots of clouds and lots of Snowy mountains....We landed in Chicago for about 20 minutes, jumped on another flight to DC. (and read 140 pages in Percy Jackson...officially hooked!!)

Von and Tana picked us up and took us to their great little condo in Alexandria, VA. We put our heads on the air mattress after catching up with them. In the morning We headed out, caught the metro (a train like the max but it goes a little faster and even underground) We first went to the Holocaust Museum. Very interesting, sad and unbelievable. I think Jessi and Ellie would think it was very interesting because of all the books you've read.

Next We ate lunch at a great sandwich place called Pot Belly's Ellie you would have LOVED it and all the kids would have loved the great homemade ice cream sandwiches. Tomorrow I 'm going to take a pic of my awesome sandwich so that you can see...and Make you hungry Ellie!

Next We had a tour of the Printing and Engraving building(Where they print dollar bills)...We saw over 8 stacks of $32,000,ooo....Ty How much money all together is that?

Other Things we did today were take an elevator to the top of the Washington Monument...Visited the Lincoln, Korean War & Vietnam War Monuments!

We just finished Eating dinner that Von made. I'm going to cut Uncle Von's hair in a few minutes...

Tomorrow We are going to the Smithsonium...I wish we would have watched that movie first!!!

We are was a lot of walking! I hope everyone back in Oregon is enjoying being with Grandma.
More pics Tomorrow night!

Mom OUT!

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