Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Scrooge

As mom's across the blogosphere post their list of all the fun and adventurous things they want to do or accomplish this summer there I sat last night with a list of jobs, consequences and strict bed time schedules I was hoping to enforce...Geez Ba humbug Summer I thought...Who am I EboMOMoneezer Scrooge. Where did that one mom go that use to sit down with the kids and make a list of all the fun things we wanted to do while not having to worry about sack lunches, homework, and school night bedtimes.... Oh where o where did that fun mom go.....I'll tell you...she got busy..Lazy summer HA! We still have Cub scout and YW's and Visiting teaching assignments and shopping for clothes, groceries and Vacations to plan for, laundry to do, Walls to paint, Checkbooks to balance, Nutritious Breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners to make, Cubs Scouts awards to earn, Personal progress to work on, weeds to pull and a lawn to mow....Oh my!

...So With my mean list on my lap, There I sat and Visited Summers' Past....How I didn't remember all that had to be done...But only the fun.....

and so my Summer motto was Born:

Morning Jobs will be done
& then we'll have some FUN!

(And at 9:30 everyone will retire
OR Mom will Breathe Fire!)


Julie Ramsay said...

Ha ha ha! Thanks for the good laugh! My summer doesn't start for another few weeks but I hope I can be strict in the morning and fun in the afternoon too! I tend to get lazy...

Memory said...

As always, you totally crack me up! I LOVE your motto, though. And I think the fire breathing would definitely be in order if you don't have from 9:30 to your bed time all to yourself!! :-)

Emily said...

I can't imagine all that you have to with 5 kids!! You remind me of my mom and then PLAY!
And when they are old enough you can send them to the berry kids still do that?:)

I still can't believe you taught early morning sem. with all that you do.

You are amazing. Keep the post coming! Let's see more of those cute kids of yours:!)