Saturday, December 29, 2007

I was so looking forward to Christmas break and having a little break from preparing for Seminary...But honestly it hasn't seemed like much of a break...Christmas has been fun and busy. Bill took the entire break off from work...That has helped so much..
The fun all started with..... Saturday...

The Webster Christmas party!!

Uncle Frank, My Mom, Grandma W. Aunt Bonnie

This is the party with my mom's side of the family. We always love it because we only really see these fun folks once a year. Grandma Webster always makes a Christmas tree ornament and writes another chapter of her life history.

Most of the Webster Grand kids..soo excited to get their picture taken!

Melinda,Toni, Mom, Aunt Bonnie,Miranda

These are Rosettes my grandma has made them for every Christmas party since I can remember and I am old:) Well this past year Grandma moved into assisted living (which I'm doing as soon as I'm eligible) so she passed on all the stuff to make these including a lesson and guess what? I did it! I couldn't believe they were almost as good as Grandma's!

Right after the Webster Christmas Party we headed to:

The Extended Family Leder Christmas Party...

Which is held at the Church because there are just way too many people... Grandma Leder as 9 kids 49 Grandkids and most of them are married and have kids of their own ....I can't remember the exact number but I'm pretty sure she has over 100 great grandkids and we are all still pretty close......So here are some pics of that crazy party....

Singing Carols with Nancy

Aunt Tiffany and Sophie!

Ellie, Uncle Ethan, Uncle Nate, Gracie & Sophie

Macy loves to sit on Great Grandpa's lap...she was telling him something about her fingers

Well that's a start with those two Christmas parties Christmas had official begun...

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