Friday, February 02, 2007

House Update.....We officially put an offer on this house Thursday in Canby. We really like the lot the house has what we are looking for..4 bedrooms 2 baths and living space. It is a flag lot so there is a long drive way for the kids to ride bike and skate! But of course nothing is really official yet .....As of tonight they countered our offer and we are trying to decide whether to accept or not and then there is the long paper process! We are going back and forth just because we are nervous about making such a big decision. If it all works out it would be cool to only really look for a week and find something that will be good for us....o did I mention we will be doing a lot of painting before we move in? Von when are you coming home? :)

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Sarah said...

Dori!! Canby is NOT in the Farmington Ward! How sad to see you guys go, but I am so excited that you found such a perfect house. I hope everything goes well!